The only FREE portal that collects property taxes from lenders and tax servicers while eliminating refunds and errors

How much do refunds cost you?

Our research has shown that the one, single, most expensive process in every tax collector's office around the US is the issuance of refunds. Autoagenttm eliminates more than 95% of all refunds.

You think you have this under control? In reality you do not. Without Autoagenttm you must resolve ALL duplicate payments. Autoagenttm simply prevents them from ever getting to you.

Staff time wasted

Processing files from lenders and tax servicers is not efficient. Autoagenttm automatically delivers real-time tax roll updates to all lenders and tax servicers. No parcel errors, no corrupt files, no payment mismatches.

Partner with Autoagenttm and focus your staff on what matters the most, the tax payer.

Be informed and save

Information is power. Autoagenttm gives you the information and accuracy to be able to forecast your tax collections and be prepared. Our Tax Collector partners save thousands each year by utilizing the power of Autoagenttm.

We are Platform Agnostic

Whether you use a commercial tax software or your own homegrown system Autoagenttm will work with all. Autoagenttm is a true open-system and completely independent of your tax software. Autoagenttm is designed to work with ALL tax software in the US. The key is our data simplicity.

Too Many Calls During Crunch Time?

When you partner with Autoagenttm you ask lenders to call us if they have questions. Whether you receive calls from a lender's research team from overseas, or a tax servicer in the US, you can route them to us. We will answer all their questions, train them on using Autoagent, and we will give them the necessary parcel information or technical support.

Accuracy Means Confidence

Autoagenttm is always accurate, no data errors, payments always match, and you know days in advance who pays for which parcels so you can inform your tax payers. Autoagenttm gives you the power to forecast your tax investments weeks in advance and you will close your tax cycles weeks sooner each year.

Welcome to Autoagenttm

Autoagenttm is a FREE web-based property tax collection portal designed to simplify escrow property tax processing and payments from lenders, tax services, title companies and large private payers.

Our guarantee to Tax Collectors is that we will eliminate refunds, errors, requests from lenders and will simplify your tax collection process.

Accept online payments from tax payers directly on your web site using the power of Autoagent and iPayments™.

We are proud to announce iPayments™ by Autoagent™, a revolutionary payments platform that allows you to accept online payments from tax payers directly on your web site using an amazing fully featured shopping cart designed by Autoagent™.

Autoagent is Free for
Tax Collectors.

Our Tax Collector partners never pay anything to use Autoagenttm. We charge a small fee to the lenders and tax servicers to use our great service. All tax servicers and over 1,500 lenders agree that Autoagenttm is a great value.

Autoagent Training
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