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  • About Autoagenttm

    We started in 1994 as a web design and development company. We worked with small to medium size businesses to establish their first e-Commerce solutions on the ever expanding web.

    In 1997 we were awarded our first Government contract to design the web site for the Chicago Transit Authority. That project put us on the map as one of the strongest web developers in the Chicago area.

    The success of the Chicago Transit Authority's web site design project opened the doors to many more Government contracts.

    Since 1994 we successfully developed over 1,000 web design and development projects for small and large corporations and Government agencies.

    In 2000 we started working with the Cook County Treasurer's Office. After designing several versions of their ever expanding web site, we ran across an opportunity to streamline their escrow tax processing.

    That was when we invented Autoagenttm. We took Cook County Treasurer's Office from using reel to reel tapes to a real-time web solution. Our solution eliminated most errors and duplicate payments for the 2nd largest tax collector in the US.

    Since then our Autoagenttm sytem has helped Tax Collectors around the country collect taxes on over 25,000,000 parcels & and growing.

  • The Basic Concept Behind Autoagenttm

    We have discovered that most Tax Collectors send their tax rolls to lenders on CDs, Diskettes, FTP, tapes, or sometimes paper bills.

    No matter what the method is all of the above have one thing in common. The moment the data is produced it is OLD DATA. also each lender and tax servicer gets a slightly different version of the same data (asynchronous data). Also, lenders and tax servicers are always behind with their escrow records. At the same time lenders and tax servicers have no way to verify their parcel list.

    Autoagenttm sits in the middle between your source of data and your payers. We automatically update your tax roll on a daily basis and deliver the most accurate information to all the payers you work with. The payers see information based on always up-to-date tax roll data. Autoagenttm BLOCKS duplicate payments and errors from ever reaching the Tax Collector.

    How much money could you save for your office if you were able to suppress the printing of paper bills to large land owners? Well, Autoagenttm will help you.

  • Not only for Lenders

    Autoagent is also a great method to help you collect taxes from title companies, utilities, corporations, large land owners, developers and property managers.

    Autoagent is a social network between Tax Collectors and Payers. Only payers in your network can access your data and work with you. You control who belongs to your network of payers. Every payer is personally verified by Autoagenttm

    Autoagent now offers iPayments™, a platform that Collector's can utilize to accept online payments from individual payers. iPayments™ interacts with the rest of the Autoagent's platform to reduce your office's duplicates, refunds and payment errors even more.