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No Errors

No More Errors

Autoagenttm eliminates all errors on files, invalid parcels or accounts, and all other issues that make escrow tax process a nightmare for you and your team.

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  • Why so Many Errors?

    Lenders and tax servicers maintain an industry average of 99% accuracy. That may sound good but in reality for every 100 parcels 1 is wrong. That is 1 too many.

    Most of the times the parcel errors are due to human data entry error (someone typing it in wrong). The lenders and tax servicers rely on the tax collectors to provide data validation services to ensure that their records are accurate. So tax collectors end up having to manually correct errors. Some other types of payer errors are:

    1 - Parcels mis-matched with parcels from a different county/municipality
    2 - Corrupt request files. Simply the file formatting is corrupted or encoded using a non-standard method
    3 - Mis-formatted data files. Basically the columns are in the wrong spot

    All these errors add stress and workload to tax collector staff. Sometimes IT must get involved. For smaller tax collector offices without an IT department it is impossible to correct the issues so files are sent back to the payer for corrections. That is a lot of back and forth.

  • Autoagenttm Says "No More Errors"

    Autoagenttm automatically validates every parcel from every payer and ensures that there is a perfect match in real-time. The payers know instantly if their parcels are invalid and are queued to correct them and adjust their records. Basically Autoagenttm performs real-time data validation to the payers, without the tax collector's involvement.

    It is impossible for payers to upload a mis-formatted file to Autoagenttm. The system reports mis-formatted files to the payer instantly.

    At the end of day the payer's data accuracy goes from 99% to 100%, without tax collector involvement.