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Your Tax Roll is Perfect

Until it leaves your hands. By the time you get it back from the mortgage companies your perfect data is old data. Autoagenttm safeguards the freshness of your tax roll.

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  • Old Data is Bad Data

    Lenders and tax servicers get a tax roll file from you a few times a year. You send the tax roll on CDs, diskettes, tapes, emails, paper, or the lenders pick it up from your FTP server.

    No matter what method you use to send your tax roll to the lenders, they all have one thing in common. The moment that file leaves your hands it is OLD.

    At the same time you can never guarantee that all lenders are looking at the exact same replica of the data. That is called asynchronous data. Basically the data copies are not in sync.

    The lenders manipulate your data and send you back payment files. You have to verify the data validity. The data is simply unmanaged and you end up using valuable IT resources to correct files.

  • Autoagenttm to the Rescue

    Autoagenttm holds your entire tax roll in its vast databases and makes it available for research to all your approved lenders, tax servicers and other payers.

    The lenders do not "own" a copy of your tax roll. Autoagenttm provides tools to them to allow them to "look inside" and retrieve instant parcel details through intuitive property portfolio management tools.

    Then, Autoagenttm gets daily fresh updates of your tax roll, re-loads it on its databases every night and sends parcel update reports to all your participating payers. It shows the lenders which parcels changed and why, in real-time. If a tax payer pays their own taxes in error, the lender sees an updated balance due the very next morning. Autoagenttm collects ONLY what is due NOW. Not a penny more.

    Most lenders have portofolio inaccuracies due to the daily change in loans and re-financing of mortgages. Many times more than one lenders will try to pay on the same parcel. Autoagenttm simply blocks that possibility. When it detects a conflict it flags the parcels, notifies each lender and encourages each lender to contact each other to determine who is responsible for the parcel. Most times the fact that Autoagenttm reports the conflicting parcels is enough to make the lenders look a bit closer to their portfolio and update their records.