The only FREE portal that collects property taxes from lenders and tax servicers while eliminating refunds and errors

The Basic Concept Behind Autoagent

Tax Collectors across the US send their tax roll on CDs, FTP, floppies, tapes, paper. The tax roll file is perfect until it leaves the Tax Collector's hands. You know you have accurate information and you do a great job with keeping your tax roll up-to-date. But somehow someway, every tax season you get knee deep with issuing refunds, correcting errors, micro-managing data, calling lenders about their files and in general you never know what you will be faced with next.

Autoagenttm will manage your tax roll and provide fresh updates to each mortgage company every day automatically, will NOT allow errors to ever show their ugly face, will block at least 95% of all duplicate payments (no refunds) and will help your staff focus on servicing the tax payer.

How much is this worth to you as a Tax Collector? The answer is priceless. Well, Autoagenttm is also free.

We have designed a system that is of great value to both our Tax Collector partners and lenders and tax servicers. As a matter of fact it is such an accurate and easy system to use that payers are willing to pay us a small fee per parcel so you don't have to.

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Autoagent Focuses on What is Important

There are 24,000 Tax Collectors in the US. Each uses their own set of data in their own standard that is sent to thousands of lenders and all tax servicers.

We discovered that all your data boils down to just a handful of fields. These are property address information, amounts due and a few flags for exemptions. Everything else is useless noise.

Our software makes sense out of an ocean of data to deliver what is needed to the payer and deliver it always fresh.

In addition Autoagenttm does a superior job of blocking all double payments and lets the payers figure out why they are trying to pay on the same parcel. This results in a minimum of 95% reduction in duplicate payments which in turn reduce most of your refunds. THAT IS GUARANTEED!

The payers use Autoagenttm to validate their accounts, conduct tax roll research, obtain the latest tax info, adjust their escrow records, eliminate the possibility of paying on the wrong tax bill (with huge implications for their customers), and make one payment, on-time, with one single-uniform-easy-to-use interface.

Here at Autoagenttm we do one thing and we do it WELL!

A Vast Social Network Between Tax Collectors and Lenders

Autoagent is a social network between Tax Collectors and Payers. Only payers in your network can access your data and work with you.

Payers have access to all their Tax Collectors in one place 24x7x365. Provides payers reports and records of their transactions they can access 24x7x365.

Tax Collectors see payer activities in real-time in one screen and get instant email notifications of incoming payments.

Tax Collectors have never had such insight into their payments and payers had never had so much simplicity into their payment process.

Our Vision Is: One system for all tax collectors and payers across the nation. Eliminate millions of wasted hours of inefficiencies while saving billions for local governments across the Country.

  • Users in 50 States
  • Used by over 4,000 lenders and growing
  • Used by all major tax servicers
  • 30+ million parcels are managed by Autoagenttm
  • Autoagenttm has collected over $30B in property taxes each year