The only FREE portal that collects property taxes from lenders and tax servicers while eliminating refunds and errors


Autoagenttm is used by over 1,400 mortgage companies, tax servicers, title companies, public utilities, corporations, farmers, private land owners, property managers and developers to pay either escrow or bulk property taxes. There is absolutely no other system that brings such a vast network of payers to such a simple and uniform tax collection process. If you are a Tax Collector you must join Autoagenttm to tap into this amazing and ever expanding resource. If you are a lender or private bulk payer that needs to pay taxes on more than a handful of properties then you must join Autoagent.

Currently Autoagenttm is active in 34 US States and soon in all 50. If you cannot find your Tax Collector on Autoagenttm just invite them to join our network at no cost to them.

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Individual Tax Payers

The Autoagent™ iPayments™ shopping cart allows the tax payers to pay for as many properties as they wish using their bank or credit card. The bill presentment logic is based on our existing know‐how about your tax collection business rules. Whether you allow multiple installment payments or collect delinquents or special assessments, iPayments™ does it all.

Tax payers can search properties by property ID, name or address. With Autoagent's fresh data delivery the tax payer will always find their property with the most accurate property tax information possible. Autoagent™ iPayments™ instantly knows when a mortgage company or tax service company has paid a property tax and immediately blocks it from the tax payer. And vice versa!