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What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

Chowan County, NC
Very simple. We enjoyed the ease with which it gave us to upload all of these payments without having to enter them individually by hand. Our refunds dropped drastically. I do not have an exact number but would guess at least 80% of our refunds were avoided this year... The only refunds we had to process were those made by other lenders for parcels already paid by Autoagent users... Communication was never an issue and was always very timely.
Gilpin County, CO
As the first year using iPayments, it went very smoothly with few questions on our part. Our customers found it easy and the service they received when our office couldn't help was excellent.
Harnett County, NC
Based on the data, Autoagent is more than beneficial for our office and the finance department. It dropped the amount of refunds issued back to the mortgage companies in the first year by 80%. This means less resources used in issuing refund checks, more accuracy in amount of revenue collected, and less amount of issues with taxpayers, tax offices, and mortgage companies.
St. Mary's County, MD
“St. Mary's County ALWAYS receives the best customer service from Autoagent with both iPayments and Mass payments. They are the best!”
Warren County, NC
Very glad we decided to go for it. Everything worked smoothly for us. Downloading the files was an easy process, no issues with the files and our system, everything just worked great... we probably had less than 5 refunds.
Ouray County, CO
Love iPayments!  Wish all of our payers paid this way.
Jefferson County, AL
You guys are great. This is one of the best decisions we ever made for processing mass payments.
Jones County, NC
On reducing refunds: "Oh, yes definitely! Our refunds declined since last year. Could not tell how many exactly, we are such a small county and we accept payments throughout the year. I believe we have refunded only those not using Autoagent. We are trying to get more payers to join. Everything ran very smoothly. 17%-18% of payments came from Autoagent, and that was great for us."
Yuma County, CO
Very Easy. Yes, the number of refunds we had was much lower than in the past. We did have refunds on a couple of properties, but that was due to the delay in processing. When we first received our file and ran a trial, we would have had no refunds to issue.
Cherokee County, NC
Yay! Payment posted without any errors and NO REFUNDS! Thanks!