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For Payers, Autoagent™ reduces the amount of time it takes to generate reporting and standardizes the process across the entire country. Updated Tax Files and reporting are always available and accurate. Gone are the days of sending manual requests and waiting for a tax roll to be sent only to be outdated by payment time.

Updated Tax Balances

Autoagent™ integrates directly with Tax Offices to process updated tax rolls on a daily basis. This results in fresh balances that are always accurate and ensures your payments are processed error free with as few refunds possible.

Standard Reporting

Autoagent™ produces standard reports nationally. This eliminates the impossible task of reading, produce, and sending agency specific reports and saves your office countless hours programming and making formatting corrections.

Research Tools

Access and search current parcel information and history to instantly research your properties without having to contact the Tax Collector. Autoagent™'s database tracks changes to parcels over time to provide you a complete picture.

Eliminate Payment Files

Once you add your parcels to Autoagent™ and submit your payment, Autoagent™ automatically generates the electronic payment files required by the Tax Office to post into their tax software. We handle all reporting to the Tax Office.

Accurate Escrow Analysis

The amounts on Autoagent™ are always accurate and current. You also have access to historical data, in some cases going back several years, so that you can perform accurate escrow analysis and predict future changes for escrowed amounts.

Customer Service

Autoagent™ provides 24/7/365 customer service for all customers. Whether you have questions on using Autoagent™ or issue locating your parcel, we are here to help. This will become an irreplaceable customer service tool for your office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Autoagent™ is free to join. Our fees for parcels added to your portfolio on Autoagent will be based on a 12-month subscription from the date you add the parcel:

  • $.50 fee per parcel for tax offices with a single annual collection
  • $1 fee per parcel for tax offices with multiple installments

Autoagent™ is completely web based and there is no software to install. All you need is PC or Mac with Internet access and a modern web browser. Autoagent™ also works on all tablet and mobile devices.

Once you submit your tax payment through Autoagent™, you will be presented with instructions for transferring the balanced funds within 24 hours directly to the Tax Office via Check, ACH, or/and Wire.

Autoagent™ does not act as a middle person for this exchange due to various statutes and office policies. This ensures that your office is in complete control of escrow funds from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it is received by the tax office.

At minimum, Autoagent™ provides the parcel id / account number and current balances owed on each parcel in your portfolio. Depending on the tax office and data that they are able to provide, Autoagent™ will also provide owner information, address, legal descriptions, delinquency data, exemptions, and various account statuses relating to tax sales and bankruptcies.

Autoagent™ provides this data directly on screen for quick access or through standard CSV/Excel reports. One of the benefits of using Autoagent™ is that these standard reports are national, meaning you won't have to deal with different formats for each Tax Office on Autoagent™.

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