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Our Mass Payment solution has been providing tax offices with a solution to process mass payments from banks, tax servicers, lenders, and property management companies for over a decade. Our patented mass payment process ensures that your payers are always presented with current and accurate balances, research tools, and standardized reporting that eliminate 95% of the refunds you're currently experiencing.

When your mass payers submit their payment, Autoagent™ produces a perfectly formatted and balanced electronic payment file that is free of errors and is ready to be imported into your tax software.

About Escrow Payments

We have discovered that most Tax Offices send their tax rolls to escrow servicers via email, FTP, CDs or sometimes paper bills. No matter what the method is all of the above have one thing in common. The moment the data is produced it is OLD DATA.

Autoagent™ sits in the middle between your source of data and your payers. We automatically get updated tax roll data on a regular basis and deliver the most accurate information to all the payers you work with. The payers see information based on always up-to-date tax roll data. Autoagent™ BLOCKS duplicate payments and errors from ever reaching the Tax Office.

To compliment your Mass Escrow Payments, Autoagent™ also offers individual online payments through our secure shopping cart.

Completely Free

Tax Offices never pay anything to use Autoagent™. Our lenders and tax servicers happily pay a small fee to utilize our great service because they appreciate the value received from their reduction of labor and refunds.

Eliminates 95% Refunds

With real-time tax roll updates to all lenders and tax servicers, Autoagent™ eliminates 95% of refunds and errors. This ensures all payments are the exact balance due. No parcel errors, no corrupt files, no payment mismatches, and no double payments.

Works With All Tax Software

Whether you use a commercial tax software or your own homegrown system, Autoagent™ is agnostic and completely independent of your tax software. Autoagent™ is designed to work with ALL tax software. The key is our data simplicity.

Save Money

Tax offices utilizing Autoagent™ see a massive reduction in costs associated with payer research calls, printing and mailing, refund processing, and staff overtime.

Maintain your Sanity

Autoagent™ will eliminate the calls from mortgage companies and tax services requesting parcel information. We built powerful research tools that enable your payers to retrieve updated information on-demand from Autoagent™.

Customer Service

Autoagent™ provides 24/7/365 customer service to all customers. This will become an irreplaceable customer service tool for your office and will save your call center valuable time.

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Hundreds of Tax Offices use Autoagent™ to simplify their mass/escrow process. Don't waste another year waiting for the perfect time to join Autoagent™. After your first tax cycle on Autoagent™ the only question on your mind will be "Why didn't I join sooner?"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing sheet for tax offices is available below. Take note, everything is FREE:

  • FREE to join Autoagent™
  • FREE integration with your tax software
  • FREE training for your office
  • FREE delivery to Payers of updated tax files
  • FREE delivery to you of electronic payment files from Payers
  • FREE customer service available 24/7/365

Your payers interact with Autoagent™ on their own to retrieve tax billing files and reporting, balance their escrow, and resolve duplicates with other payers. When they submit their payment, your office will receive an email from Autoagent™ detailing the payment that was made and ask you to log into Autoagent™ to download the electronic payment file customized for your tax office and software.

At the same time, Autoagent™ will provide the Payer with your specific payment instructions for Check, ACH, and/or Wire payments. You should receive the funds within 24 hours directly from the Payer. Autoagent™ does not act as a middle person for this exchange due to various statutes and office policies.

Yes! Autoagent™ is agnostic and works with all tax software companies. As long as you can provide a tax file containing your bills (the same file you likely already produce for tax servicers) and can import an electronic payment file, you are compatible. Autoagent™ integrates and customizes to fit the exact file formats that your tax software already produce and are expected.

Autoagent™ is completely web based and there is no software to install. All you need is PC or Mac with Internet access and a modern web browser. Autoagent™ also works on all tablet and mobile devices.

Autoagent™ handles the entire integration with your tax software. This process usually takes about 5 business days once we begin. There is no programming or changes required from your end.

In order to begin, we require that you provide Autoagent™ with the following:

  • A copy of your tax billing file and file layout specifications
  • A copy of a previous payment file and file layout specifications
  • Answers to a brief setup questionnaire regarding your office policies and procedures
  • Regularly updated tax files on an automated or manual basis to Autoagent™

All-in-all, you should expect to commit to about five hours between providing us the requirements above, setting up your account, and training.

Once Autoagent™ has completed your integration, we'll provide you access to your account to complete the self-guided setup. This enables you to setup additional users in your office and setup your due dates. Once this is completed, Autoagent™ can perform a quick 30 minute training session to review your account and answer any questions you may have.

One thing to note is that Autoagent™ has been created with the busy staff member in mind. Our website is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It was designed to make it physically impossible to cause errors and includes checks and balances in place to ensure mistakes are not made.

As always, our customer service team is available 24/7/365 to answer any questions you may have.

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