Partner Solutions

Autoagent offers uniquely designed partnership opportunities that allow vendors and software companies to expand and improve product offerings to their customers with EscrowCloud and / or MuniciPay. Our partnership programs will not only preserve existing revenue streams, but, more often increase them while also reducing office labor by vendor and government organizations.

  • Partnerships

    Our simplest partnerships include data automation and delivery of payment batch files. Our more complex partnerships include real-time data lookups and posting of transactions.

  • Reseller

    For companies looking to preserve their branding, Autoagent can provide reseller and / or custom white labeled solutions of EscrowCloud and MuniciPay.

Partner Solutions

The Perfect Offering for Government Vendors

Provide your Government customers escrow and payment solutions that have proven to reduce issues and problems that impact their offices and cost them time and labor to resolve.

Simple or Complex Options

You know your products best! Smaller or less integrated partnerships can be setup in a few weeks with almost zero effort from your organization while more integrated partnerships can deeply integrate their products with Autoagent.

Zero Technical Integration Options
Real Time API Access Options
FREE Consultations, Setup, & Onboarding

Custom, Custom, Custom

Autoagent understands the critical importance that your reputation and branding play. Our partnerships are always custom designed to specifically match your business model and policies so that your organization maintains control.

Custom Revenue Models
Custom Branding / White Labeled Solutions
Customize Hundreds of Features & Rules

Customer Service

While you can provide direct customer service to your customers if you wish, most of our Partners prefer that Autoagent provides our 24/7/365 customer service on their behalf. This ensures the quickest answers and resolution to their questions.

US-Based Customer Service
Under One Hour Response Times
FREE with each Partnership