• Extensive Research Tools
  • Payment Reminders
  • Inbox Messaging with Government Offices
Solutions for Payers


Solutions for Payers

Designed for banks, mortgage companies, tax servicers, property managers, and other escrow companies, Autoagent brings the billing data from hundreds of government offices to your finger tips.

  • Get 24/7/365 Access to Tax Data

    Our platform integrates directly with tax offices to process updated tax rolls on a daily basis. This results in fresh balances that are always accurate to ensure your payments are processed error free with as few refunds possible.

  • Download Standardized Reports

    We produce nationally standard reporting. This eliminates the impossible task of reading, producing, and sending tax office specific formatting and saves your office countless hours programming and making corrections.

  • Make Quick Payments to Tax Offices

    After balancing your escrow using our extensive reporting, you can submit your payment for bulk items directly to each tax office in seconds. We’ll produce their tax office and tax software vendor specific reporting and payment files. You simply send the funds using their preferred payment method which is provided to you on screen.

The Power of Autoagent

Our platform provides you instant access to tax data for over 60 million properties. Research, report, monitor and submit payments to hundreds of tax offices in the United States in a matter of minutes.

Extensive Tax Data

Access current and historical tax data to research your property portfolio without having to contact the Tax Collector. Our platform will provide you a complete picture of ownership, balance, interest & penalty, exemptions, and account changes over time to help complete your research faster.

Simplified Reporting

You no longer have to request tax bills or manually search and key in balances due from tax offices across the country. Our platform and easy to use interface delivers the data to you when you need it.

Centralized Payment Portal

Train your team in minutes to access and communicate with over 550+ tax offices across the country using a single portal. Whether you’re researching or reporting taxes in California, Illinois, or Florida… the process works the same way!

Portfolio Monitoring

With our tax data updated daily, you can utilize Portfolio Monitoring by Autoagent to be alerted of any changes to your property to cut down on unbalanced escrows, delinquencies, and even tax sales!

Due Date Reminders

Managing portfolios in multiple tax offices or states can be daunting without Autoagent. Our platform keeps you informed of upcoming due dates and important changes impacting your tax offices weekly to ensure you never miss a beat.

Customer Service

We provide 24/7/365 customer service for all customers. Whether you have questions on using out platform or an issue locating your parcel, we are here to help. This will become an irreplaceable customer service tool for your office.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some common questions and answers we get about our EscrowCloud solution.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the costs to utilize Autoagent™?

Autoagent™ is free to join. Our fees for items added to your portfolio will be based on a 12-month subscription from the date you add the item:

  • $.50 fee per item for tax offices with a single annual collection
  • $1 fee per item for tax offices with multiple installments
2. What system requirements are needed?

Our platform is completely web based and there is no software to install. All you need is PC or Mac with Internet access and a modern web browser. Autoagent™ also works on all tablet and mobile devices.

3. How do I transfer escrow funds?

Once you submit your tax payment through Autoagent™, you will be presented with instructions for transferring the balanced funds within 24 hours directly to the Tax Office via Check, ACH, or/and Wire.

Autoagent™ does not act as a middle person for this exchange due to various statutes and office policies. This ensures that your office is in complete control of escrow funds from the moment it leaves your hands to the moment it is received by the tax office.


What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

We are huge fans of what you have created with this service
Certainly less work than writing 167 checks! Rena has been a tremendous help. I'll definitely use Autoagent again next year
This website is awesome and super easy. The guide provided was easy to follow, excellent job. I wish I could use this website to pay all my organizations government fees and taxes!
THANK YOU so much for the information! I do appreciate your assistance! I have been running back and forth with my father in the hospital, so I appreciate you getting the information to me in such a quick manner, so that I have to time to review and access the site before the deadline.
Autoagent makes paying property taxes easy and the staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful.
Auto agent makes paying property taxes easy and the staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Autoagent has been WONDERFUL to work with! Thank you for all your help!
I know that this would be very easy for someone that is comfortable navigating through forms other than those that are work related. However, it is made very easy even for me because everyone at Autoagent is always there to help me, no matter how many times I have called or emailed. Help is there right away and I appreciate all of you! Thank you!
"Autoagent makes things so easy.  It is no cost to the county. I bet it would change your life."