• Free to Government Offices
  • Customized Reporting & Research Tools
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service



Eliminate the hundreds of hours spent each year fulfilling manual bill requests, troubleshooting and researching payment issues, and issuing refunds to your escrow companies. Our EscrowCloud platform enforces proprietary processes that solve the many issues experienced by handling and processing payments from tax servicers, mortgage companies, banks, and other property management / escrow groups.

  • Eliminates 95% of Refunds

    Over 20 years in business has awarded us the know-how to systematically eliminate over 11M refunds and duplicate payments from reaching our tax offices. You’ll instantly experience a 95% reduction in your first tax season!

  • Simple & Easy to Use

    Our platform has been designed specifically for the end user. This makes it extremely intuitive and easy to use by your entire staff. In fact, it is so easy to use that we’ll have your entire office trained in under an hour!

  • Perfect Payment Files

    Each time you receive a mass payment through our platform, we will automatically generate a perfectly formatted, balanced, and error free payment file you can download to post into your office’s tax software.


Autoagent™ sits in the middle between your source of data and your payers. We automatically get updated tax roll data on a regular basis and deliver the most accurate information to all the payers you work with. The payers see information based on always up-to-date tax roll data. Autoagent™ BLOCKS duplicate payments and errors from ever reaching the Tax Office.

Free for Tax Offices

Tax Offices never pay anything to use our platform. Our lenders and tax servicers happily pay a small fee to utilize our great service because they appreciate the value received from their reduction of labor and refunds too!

Manage Payers

Invite your payers or select from over 5,500 payer groups that already utilize Autoagent to access your tax data, perform bill requests, and submit payments through our platform.

Tax Software Agnostic

Whether you use a commercial tax software or your own homegrown system, Autoagent™ is agnostic and completely independent of your tax software. Autoagent™ is designed to work with ALL tax software. The key is our data simplicity.

Unlimited Training

Once your account is setup, we’ll schedule virtual training for you and your entire office! The experience is interactive, pleasant, and usually completed in under an hour!

Completely Cloud Based

There is no software to maintain or install. Our platform is entirely cloud based and managed by us on our highly available and redundant infrastructure.

Customer Service

Autoagent™ provides 24/7/365 customer service to all customers. This will become an irreplaceable customer service tool for your office and will save your call center valuable time.

The Autoagent Process

How it Works

Incorporating Autoagent into your workflow is extremely easy and you’ll quickly begin to save hundreds of hours each tax season in fulfilling tax bill requests, researching payment errors, and issuing refunds using our proven tax platform.


Discovery Call

Our Integrations Team will schedule a 30 Minute Discovery Call where you’ll be asked specific questions about your collection, cycles, and office policies so we can customize Autoagent specifically for you.


Setup, Test, Integrate

We’ll configure Autoagent to match your business rules and integrate directly with your tax vendor / cashiering software. This is done internally through Autoagent without any effort or resources pulled from your office.


Training & Go Live

Once testing has been completed, we’ll bring your billing data live and notify our large network of payer groups that you’ll be collecting through Autoagent. A one hour training session is all your office will need to get started!


Payments Start Flowing

Your payments will begin passing through Autoagent and you’ll experience an immediate drop in research calls, manual payments, and most importantly, refunds from ever hitting your office!


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some common questions and answers we get about our EscrowCloud solution.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What Tax Offices can Use Autoagent?

Our platform can be used by all County, City, and Municipal Tax Offices across the country to collect their bills such as real estate tax, mobile home tax, personal tax, water/sewage, school, etc.

2. How will I receive payments?

When a payer submits their payment, your office will receive an email from Autoagent™ detailing the payment that was made along with the electronic payment file customized for your tax office and software.

Autoagent™ will provide the Payer with your specific payment instructions for Check, ACH, and/or Wire payments. You should receive the funds within 24 hours directly from the Payer.

3. What about online payments by homeowners?

We offer online payment solutions for homeowners using our MuniciPay platform. Your payers can pay their bills online using their debit, credit, or bank accounts. You’ll receive daily deposits for the entire day along with perfectly balanced payment files for easy posting into your tax software.


What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

Knox County, TN
Knox County is very satisfied and happy (All 3 years). Thanks for everything you do for us.
Williams County, OH
Very easy. No issues with payments received... 0 Refunds this year. On Reports: It’s nice to be able to see the progress we’ve made. The communication is great, and we get replies fast.
Licking County, OH
I have poured over the website and feel it is fairly comprehensive and cannot think of anything negative to say about it at this time. I can tell you that I think customer service is FANTASTIC!!!! I love how everyone is so helpful AND personable. At this point in time, I feel like that if I do have a problem with the website in the future, that I can just reach out to anyone of you and mention it in an email.... I’m Aokay with everything right now.
Yuma County, CO
Very Easy. Yes, the number of refunds we had was much lower than in the past. We did have refunds on a couple of properties, but that was due to the delay in processing. When we first received our file and ran a trial, we would have had no refunds to issue.
Paulding, OH
We are very pleased with our experience with Autoagent! Autoagent was easy to use. Very user friendly. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you.
Jefferson County, OH
Exceed Expectations. Love using Autoagent for our banks and mortgage companies.
Sedgwick, KS
Thank you for your hard work! We are very happy with our system and the hard work Autoagent puts into making tax time smooth.
Jefferson, AL
This was a great addition to our process. We appreciate everything.
Cumberland County, NC
Autoagent reduced our refunds dramatically.
Watauga County, NC
Everything was smooth and efficient! Thank you!