2022.1 – MuniciPay

March 29, 2022

We’ve been hard at work and recently released new features to to help your office process homeowner payments! We’ve also simplified our interface to make it easier than ever before to use.

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Collect More Than Taxes

If your office accepts payments other than Taxes, we can too! Setup online or in-person payment options for everything – Pet Fees, Permits, Motor Vehicle, Licenses, etc!

Manage Non-Payable Items

You can now block specific items from being paid. Stop payments from ever reaching your office for Tax Sales, Bankruptcies, or even for Payers with too many returns.

Address Change Requests

Your Payers can now request billing address changes directly through iPayments! You’ll be notified of requests, and have the ability to approve or reject those changes through Autoagent!

Detect Owner Changes

If you have AutoPay enabled, Autoagent will intelligently detect  items with a change in ownership to remind your office and your payer to possibly adjust their AutoPay and reduce erroneous payments.

Page Editor

Manage additional pages on your iPayments website. For example, you can create a Contact or FAQ page to share important information with your Payers.

IVR Improvements

We’ve improved our phone payment system to provide more detailed information to your Payers, more payment options, and even accept partial amounts!

  • Alpha-Numeric Parcel IDs: Our IVR was previously limited to numeric parcel IDs – but not anymore! We’ve upgraded our search capability to support alpha numeric IDs and accurately return available results to your Caller.
  • Accept Custom Payment Amounts: If you choose to, you payer’s can now pay a custom amount against their balance over IVR.
  • Additional Miscellaneous Payments: Our recent IVR updates now include the ability to accept payments for any item or bill that your Office is responsible for collecting. For example, collect payment on bills such as Permitting, Utility, or Sewer by having the Caller to input a bill or reference number.
  • Multi-language Support: We are testing and rolling out our Spanish IVR solution. Your Caller will be presented language options at the beginning of their call. Additional languages will be made available shortly!

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Payment Solutions Designed for

Local Government and Payers

The best solutions are those that benefit all parties and do not create additional work. Our payment solutions are designed to help local Government Offices, Tax Servicers, and Individual Payers retrieve billing & submit payments for their taxes, utilities, licenses, tags, or other fees.


for Local Government

Reduce your refunds and labor costs using Autoagent to connect with and automate research, reporting and payments from over 5,000+ tax servicers, property management groups, and escrow companies across the country.

Included with...
  • Completely FREE
  • Compatible with all Tax Software
  • Perfectly produced payment files
  • Cloud-based, no software to install
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for Local Government

Designed with the individual payer in mind, MuniciPay provides credit card and eCheck payment solutions for real property taxes, mobile home taxes, utilities, vehicle registration, permitting, and other miscellaneous collections.

Included with...
  • Customizable & Secure Shopping Cart
  • Online, Phone, In-Person Payments
  • Competitive Rates
  • Extensive Real Time Reporting
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Reporting / Research

for Payers

Stop chasing tax or billing data that is outdated the second you receive it. Upload your portfolio and gain instant access to all the reporting and payment options available for hundreds of Tax Offices across the country.

Included with...
  • Unlimited Tax Data Research
  • Submit Bulk Payments in Minutes
  • Daily Updates & Monitoring
  • Escrow Balancing Reports
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