Autoagent Data Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With DEVNET To Enhance MuniciPay™ Payments Platform For County and Local Governments

April 10, 2024
Autoagent Data Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership With DEVNET To Enhance MuniciPay™ Payments Platform For County and Local Governments

Driving Efficiency and Transparency in County Tax Collection and Treasurer Services

BOCA RATON, Fla.April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Autoagent Data Solutions, the leader in escrow tax and government payment processing, announced today a strategic partnership with DEVNET, a trusted name in county tax collection and treasurer services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both companies’ offerings and underscores their commitment to providing state-of-the-art payment processing solutions for county and local governments.

Autoagent has a longstanding relationship with DEVNET’s county tax collector and treasurer customers, spanning over a decade. While previous interactions have been characterized by successful data integrations for Autoagent’s EscrowCloud product and a robust working relationship, this partnership formalizes their collaboration in a new capacity.

Under the terms of the partnership, DEVNET becomes an official referral partner for Autoagent’s MuniciPay™ citizen payment gateway solution. With access to Autoagent’s MuniciPay solution, DEVNET can now refer any of its 135+ municipality customers to access a full suite of payments for everything from utilities to parking tickets, and DMV fees to concession sales, thereby increasing community engagement.

Autoagent currently services 26 of DEVNET’s county treasurer and tax collector offices across four states: OhioIllinoisMissouri, and North Carolina, through its EscrowCloud platform. The addition of MuniciPay payments tools to DEVNET’s customers will provide real-time visibility for citizens, facilitating seamless property tax payments and reducing administrative burdens on tax offices.

“We are excited about the opportunity to service as many of DEVNET’s customers on our MuniciPay payments platform as possible, said Niko Spyridonos, Founder and CEO of Autoagent Data Solutions. “We strongly believe that the Autoagent/DEVNET partnership will greatly benefit our joint customers, ensuring quality payments, ease of reconciliation, and real-time posting of payments into the DEVNET platform.”

“DEVNET, as a pioneering force in the Property Tax Industry, remains steadfast in our dedication to forging robust partnerships that foster seamless integration, elevate service delivery, and enhance citizen engagement. That is why we have the utmost confidence in offering our customers and future customers the integration we have with Autoagent Data Solutions,” said Brandon McPherson, Vice President of Business Development at DEVNET. “Our commitment to automation and efficiency empowers county governments to collect property taxes with unparalleled ease, ultimately serving both government entities and citizens alike.”

For the 26 tax offices already utilizing Autoagent’s EscrowCloud platform, the integration of MuniciPay payments tools will further streamline operations, offering citizens immediate insight into payment statuses and minimizing duplicate payments or inquiries.

For more information on Autoagent’s partnership with DEVNET and the MuniciPay solution, please visit www.autoagent.com/.

About Autoagent Data Solutions, LLC

Autoagent Data Solutions partners with local government nationwide to unlock the free-flow of incoming revenue. As the market leader since 2002, Autoagent’s patented escrow tax processing platform eliminates refunds and provides up-to-the-minute accurate payment files among many other advantages. Autoagent’s service-focused solution and stellar 24/7 customer service is free to local governments. It modernizes the Treasurers’ office, saving hundreds of hours of work by eliminating the chore of manually reconciling payment files and refunds – freeing up resources to focus on more important things like essential services. The company’s customer-focused approach results in simplifying the revenue process for its government partners. This translates to smooth tax collections and happier citizens. Autoagent Data Solutions is a bridge between escrow payers and local governments with a national footprint in the USA.

SOURCE Autoagent Data Solutions

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